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Tegeta kibaoni, Plot No. 2271 Block K ,Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Company History

P.KITENGULE HEALTH CARE LTD is local company owned by Tanzanians, was found and registered under law of United Republic of Tanzania Companies Act of 2002 in the year 2009 with registration number 74038. KITENGULE HOSPITAL is registered under this company and it complies with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare guidelines. The headquarters of the company is in Kinondoni District, Dar es Salaam Region, Tanzania where the Hospital is located too. The company runs a modern and new fully finished Hospital that is located in Tegeta Kibaoni area, plot no 2271, Block K in the Northern Kinondoni district, with a variety of health care services and 10years of experience in health care provision.

Since the establishment of the health care facility, the company has been fast growing in terms of services delivery and customer care bases. The best part of P. KITENGULE HEALTH CARE includes its ability to adapt fast growing and changing demands of the clients, which is function of several factors mainly competition, economic, social and technological advances as far as Health care services are concerned. P. KITENGULE has been working seamlessly to create added value and synergies which most of the time resulted into practical and sustainable solutions for clients (mostly outpatients and inpatients).

Kitengule hospital is among, new big hospital in kinondoni district with qualified and experienced health worker staffs. The hospital is equipped with   modern facilities which simplify the work of service providers and the patients feel much better while getting services.